Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Regina Farmers' Market, May 2014

There was a cold wind blowing when I visited the Regina Farmers’ Market, and I was grateful for Saskatoon’s year-round, indoor location. On the other hand, the Regina Market is located right downtown, which must make their Wednesday market a popular stop for people who work downtown.

Here are just a few of the vendors I spoke with.

33 1/3 Coffee Roasters
I purchased a small bag of freshly-roasted coffee from Chiapas, Mexico from 33 1/3 Coffee Roasters. My brother, who is something of a coffee aficionado, said it was excellent. You can drink and purchase 33 1/3 coffee at The Night Oven Bakery in Saskatoon.

Going with the Grain
Going with the Grain sells a variety of breads made with organic flour. The loaves are small, perfect for one person, so you can buy several different varieties. If you like olives, you should definitely try the green olive bread.

Laurel’s Danish Pastry
I didn’t purchase any Danish pastries, but I found it interesting that she has chosen to offer lots of different flavours but only one product.

Pure T Organics
I’m always happy to see vendors selling locally-grown organic grains and pulses. I wish I had purchased one of Pure T Organics' ground lentil and pulse mixes for thickening soups (and adding protein).

Rocky Acres Orchard 
Rocky Acres Orchard has an extensive range of jams (including locally-grown cantaloupe topping) and soft apple cider.

Soup…Simply sells a wide variety of frozen soups, including lots of vegetarian options. I particularly enjoyed the split green pea soup and the tomato, squash and coconut bisque. The black bean soup was a little bland, but then I was comparing it to Wild Serendipity Food’s Cuban black bean soup, which is really zippy.

Studio Flour 
These folks sell wonderful single-serving galettes. I thoroughly enjoyed mine with oyster mushrooms, goat cheese and hazelnuts. Studio Flour also sells handmade marshmallows and sponge toffee.

The Earthy Artisan
I loved the whimsical lightweight hypertufa container with a full head of hair from The Earthy Artisan.

There are two vendors selling cheese at the Regina market. Unfortunately, neither of them were there when I visited. SalayView Farm sells several flavours of fresh, soft goat cheese. Craibstone Cheese is a new vendor selling sheep’s milk cheese. They sell ricotta, crowdie (fresh, soft, Scottish style), and Farmtoon (semi-hard, creamy, mild).

I Wish I Had Met… 
Stellar Gourmet Mushrooms sells locally-grown gourmet mushrooms.

Regina has a great farmers' market and I will have to make a return trip to pick up some more of their goodies.

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