Monday, February 24, 2014

Flavourful Saskatoon, February 24, 2014

New Restaurants
Wow! Saskatoon is growing so fast. I just heard about two new restaurants.

The Odd Couple Restaurant will be opening soon in Riversdale and plans to serve Chinese tapas. They’re on Instagram and Twitter.

Chef Moe Mathieu is opening Cut Casual Steakhouse and Tap Bar on 22nd Street just up from the Bessborough (where Mykonos used to be). Word is it will open on Thursday.

International Women’s Day Kick-Off, Mar. 5
The Cake Witch will be serving German pastries at the International Women’s Day Kick-Off from 7-9 pm, March 5, at the Frances Morrison Library following a screening of the film Wonder Women! The Untold Story of American Superheroines with guest speaker Trish Cheveldayoff.

Saskatoon Food Council 
The Saskatoon Food Council has just released the Saskatoon Regional Food System Assessment and Action Plan. The recommendations include:
1. Create an ongoing Saskatoon Community Food Council.
2. Promote Saskatchewan foods and food production as a healthy community-minded choice.
3. Garden everywhere: expand capacity in urban agriculture.
4. Increase collaboration among producers and the development of needed supports.
5. Increase ways to obtain local food products.
6. Feed the children: substantially increase school meals and snacks.
7. Educate residents about healthy food and teach good food skills.
8. Increase availability and affordability of good food.
9. Increase people’s ability to buy good food: reduce inequality.
10. Reduce food waste in the home and reduce energy input in food production.
11. Preserve water and land for the future.
12. Build knowledge of regional food systems.

Saskatoon Soup Sisters & Broth Brothers
Soup Sisters and Broth Brothers Saskatoon launched on February 13. They will make a big batch of soup once a month at SIAST to donate to Saskatoon Interval House and Adelle House. Everyone is invited to participate. The participation fee covers the cost of ingredients and venue. The evening ends with a sit-down supper.

Food Swap
If you love to cook, bake or preserve and are eager to try new products, you may want to organize a food swap.

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