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Flavourful Saskatoon, May 13, 2013

Top of the Hops Winery Dinner, May 25
The Tops of the Hops Winery Dinner on May 25 will feature wines from Bodegas Luzón presented by the winery’s representative, Isidoro Perez de Tudela.

I have fond memories of a tour and tasting at Bodegas Luzón in Jumilla, Spain, accompanied by Isidoro Perez, and highly recommend their wine – and hence the dinner!

New places and products to check out:

Leyda’s, 112 20th Street West (gluten-free, nut-free) – they are hoping to open in mid-June

Congress Beer House, 215 2nd Avenue South – opening this coming week – looks like they’ll be offering lots of craft beers on tap – rotating taps to bring in new draught all the time

Twig & Squirrel’s Wild Goods is stocking Bogart’s Bay Coffee. Bogart’s Bay roasts their organic coffee by hand on a traditional charcoal-fired roaster they imported from India. They import their coffee beans through a non-profit wholesaler of ethically traded beans.

Saskatoon Farmers’ Market
The Prairie Pantry is now selling various ready-to-eat foods – from olives to salad. I enjoyed the couscous salad with its light curry flavour and lots of raisins and fresh vegetables.

Uncle Mike’s Natural Products (soap, deoderant, healing salve) is at the market on Sundays and Wednesdays. Mike only uses natural ingredients and uses minimal, recyclable packaging.

Cake Witch Café
Barbara Harder-Lutz is looking for a partner to help her bake and run the Cake Witch Café in Rosthern. No money, but Barbara believes there is lots of potential.

Vegan Food Truck
Food trucks will soon be setting up in Saskatoon. I understand that Dan Walker from Weczeria is almost ready to roll. But I bet there won’t be a vegan food truck like Sailin’ On that has just got started in Edmonton.

They’re offering vegan fast food – from a Vegan Reuben with shaved seitan on rye to Drunken Chik’n with deep-fried lemongrass tofu to Curry Chips (fries smothered in curry sauce) and Gingembre (homemade ginger soda).

Pairing Music with Chocolate
A recent Edmonton Symphony event paired local chocolate with one of the songs. The audience was invited to eat one of the chocolates during each of the four movements. Sounds like something Saskatoon Symphony Orchestra might want to imitate, although supplies of locally-made chocolates are extremely limited.

Guide to Sustainable Beer
How do you define sustainable beer? Grist suggests that sustainable beer is local, craft beers brewed in small batches.

There’s a movement towards making beer from locally-sourced ingredients and an interest in protecting the quality of the local water, using green energy sources, reusing waste products, and supporting the local community.

Here’s a global guide to honey – from beehives in downtown Tokyo to white honey in Ethiopia and leatherwood honey from the rain forests of Australia.

Photos: Jumilla and  Bodegas Luzón

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