Monday, January 28, 2013

Flavourful Saskatoon, January 28, 2013

Lunch at Earth Bound Bakery
I had lunch at Earth Bound Bakery this past week, and it was excellent – as always!

In addition to soup and sandwiches, they’re now offering two salads: a green salad with avocado and preserved lemon and a quinoa salad with the tiniest slivers of fennel and a hint of lemon.

Pain au chocolat makes an excellent dessert, but they also offer some lovely coffeecake slices (sour cherry, cardamom, etc.).

Nellie’s Kitchen
Nellie’s Kitchen, in the strip mall on the corner of Avenue H and 22nd Street, is under new ownership and has been renovated. Riversdale District staff ate there and enjoyed the new food and great service.

Crock-Off, Feb. 2
This year’s Crock-Off includes community organizations competing to make the best crock pot dish, a guided hike of Ancient Spirals, yoga and musical entertainment. Tickets are $26 on Picatic.

Fake Ingredients
A non-profit group has looked into food fraud and found many counterfeit products. One of the worst offenders is pomegranate juice, which is often diluted with grape or pear juice. Other foods that are easy to tamper by adding cheaper ingredients are olive oil, lemon juice, tea and spices. So, if you think you’re getting a bargain, you may actually be getting ripped off.

Top Baking Trends for 2013
The BBC’s Good Food blog predicts that the top baking trends of 2013 will include peek-a-boo cakes, homemade marshmallows, éclairs and doughnuts. When will we see these in Saskatoon?

Passionate about Cheese
If you love cheese and enjoying playing with words, you should definitely take a look at the amazing cheese descriptions that readers submitted to the New York Times.

Here’s the winner: "Limburger: Like a hedge fund guy at the bar who thinks he’s God’s gift to Wall Street and women, this handsome cheese comes on strong. He’s breathy, loud and expensive. He’s from Germany, or Belgium, or some other country he name-dropped. And yet . . . he’s irresistible, and you bring him home even though you’ve been with his type before: semi-soft, smells like socks."

It would be great if Saskatoon had an incubator for fledgling food and drink entrepreneurs. Kitchen, Inc. in Houston provides entrepreneurs with affordable commercial kitchen space as well as a café to sell their wares.

They’ve recently expanded to provide aspiring brewers with access to professional brewing equipment and a tap room with access to food. The incubator has used Kickstarter to get off the ground and expand.

If you’re already dreaming about gardening, here are two articles you may enjoy:

SPIN Farming in Uganda: Getting Started

How to Build a Garden in a Hurry

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