Monday, July 30, 2012

Flavourful Saskatoon, July 30, 2012

This week, we’re hitting the road with wine trucks, nutrition trucks, Belgian beer, and a travelling food & culture show. We’re promoting real food and opposing political power brokers. 

Chef Jenni’s Travelling Food & Culture Show 
Chef Jenni is serving California/Saskatchewan fusion food, to the accompaniment of a California-based musician, in the Birch Hills Curl-o-Drome on August 3.

On August 10, she is serving a multicultural meal in the Duck Lake Regional Interpretive Centre with music and art on the side.

On August 15 in the La Ronge Legion Hall, there will be Greekish cuisine with northern ingredients (e.g. Blueberry Wild Rice Spanakopita).

Phone (306) 749-7051 or email to reserve a ticket.

The Woods Alehouse 
The Woods Alehouse, an affiliate of Paddock Wood Brewing, will be opening on 2nd Avenue in August. The focus will be on craft beers, including Paddock Wood. Steve Cavan says he plans to start with some beers that he really respects (e.g. Belgian Krieks) but that are hard to find.

Owing to Saskatchewan’s stringent liquor laws, the Alehouse will have to obtain a nightclub permit and offer musical entertainment every night they are open. They will also provide space, including floor space, for local artists. Artists and musicians who are interested in participating should contact Steve at

The Woods Alehouse is just getting active online with a website and Facebook page.

Swadesh Restaurant 
Friends had a meal at the new Swadesh restaurant on 22nd Street last week.

They reported that there was a good variety of Pakistani, Indian, and Bangladeshi vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, along with a variety of traditional foods.

They enjoyed the buffet (vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes) and felt it was reasonably priced at $14.95. (Thanks for the tip, Steve!)

Slow Food Canada 
Slow Food Canada’s summer newsletter is now out.

Real Food
One family took up Jamie Oliver’s 100 Days of Real Food challenge. Lisa Leake blogs about their experience, sharing tips for eating real food on a budget, tips for picky eaters, meal plans and school lunches.

Power Brokers
The US Department of Agriculture promoted Meatless Monday in an internal newsletter about greening the organization and was fiercely criticized by beef producers. The references to Meatless Monday were quickly removed.

It may be good for the environment, but if powerful industry lobbyists don’t like it, you’re out of luck.

Keep on Trucking 
First there were food trucks, and now there’s a wine truck that moves from one French market to another, offering tastings of the winery’s products.

The New York City Food Bank is using a mobile truck to deliver healthy treats in low-income neighbourhoods – nutrition on wheels.

Photos are of the Wednesday market on Baker Street in Nelson, BC.

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