Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Seoul Korean Restaurant

It’s okay to play with your food! 

Remember when you were little and your parents firmly told you not to play with your food? Well, I have good news! Seoul Korean Restaurant at 334 20th Street West in Saskatoon encourages you to play with your food!

Seoul Korean Restaurant just opened a couple of weeks ago, and it’s a fascinating blend of modern and traditional. The menu is an iPad2, which works well as there are photos of all the dishes.

There is not a lot of choice for vegetarians, but we enjoyed the cup of miso soup and the potato pancake (gamja jeon) at the start of our meal. We then had a couple of rice dishes, one in a hot pot (my preference as it stayed hot longer).

Now, this is where the fun begins. The rice dishes come with the vegetables (zucchini, mushrooms, carrots) beautifully arranged around the edge of the rice with a fried egg perched on top and a side dish of hot sauce. And you’re supposed to mix it all together!

Dessert is a traditional Korean dish called Patbingsu. Again, you’re presented with a beautifully-arranged bowl of shaved ice topped with ice cream, sweetened condensed milk, fruit, red bean paste and fruit syrups. There are small or large servings, depending on how many people there are in your party. And – again – you’re told to mix it all together!

As with the Istanbul Diner, I really appreciated the extra touches of authenticity. There is a lovely First Birthday Party display. According to the restaurant’s Facebook page, this ceremony blesses the child with a prosperous future and has great significance in Korea. They offer to take a photograph of your baby in front of the display.

We also received a complimentary cup of Sujeonggwa, a traditional fruit punch. It was served with shaved ice and flavoured with lots of spices.

I encourage carnivores to try out the full menu and do let me know which dishes you prefer. Above all, have fun playing with your food and experiencing a little taste of Korean culture.

Seoul Korean Restaurant is open from 11 am – 3 pm and 5 pm – 9 pm from Monday to Sunday.


Renee said...

Can't wait to try it!

andrew said...

And for the geeks - they use iPads for their menu :-)