Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Great Places to Eat in Edmonton

local food, lots of vegetarian options

I have written in depth about some of the great places to eat in Edmonton – Blue Plate Diner, d’Lish, Wild Tangerine. Here’s a brief review of some other places where I had a really good meal.

Moriarty’s Bistro and Wine Bar (downtown Edmonton)
Nothing defines a holiday better than a relaxed lunch in sophisticated surroundings. Other customers were having a serious business lunch; I was sipping my wine and enjoying an incredibly decadent dessert. It would be worth a trip to Edmonton just for the apple and pear tart with its rich, buttery red wine caramel sauce.

Moriarty’s, at 10154 100 Street, is next door to the Sherlock Holmes Pub and just up the street from the Citadel Theatre. They have an extensive list of wines by the glass, with an enosystem ensuring a broad selection of fresh wines.

Moriarty’s is a member of Original Fare, a group of independent restaurants that emphasize local food.

Café Mosaics (Whyte Avenue)
Imagine! A restaurant that serves nothing but vegetarian food. What a treat! I had a grilled tofu sandwich with mushrooms, onions, red pepper and cheese slices that was moist and flavourful. The vegan chocolate cake was a little odd, but it came with a huge scoop of chocolate mousse that was excellent.

Café Mosaics is located at 10844 82 Avenue NW. It’s young and funky with a colourful, cheap décor. It wasn’t elegant, but it was welcoming and flavourful.

Highlevel Diner (South Edmonton)
Highlevel Diner is an Edmonton culinary institution with a 28-year history. Directly south of the Highlevel Bridge, it is a busy restaurant with a menu to suit every taste. People of all ages will feel comfortable here. Sunday brunch appeared to be very popular with a line extending out the door and around the corner.

Food is purchased from local suppliers – “responsible growers who care as much about nutrition and health (both yours and the planet’s) as we do.” The eggs Florentine arrived piping hot, and the website reassured me that the eggs were from locally-raised, free-range chickens.

Culina Mill Creek (South Edmonton)
This small restaurant was jam-packed at lunchtime on a Friday, but the service was fast and the food was awesome. Located at 9914 89th Avenue, they describe themselves as a friendly, neighbourhood café, but that description does their fine cuisine a disservice.

Culina Mill Creek is a member of Slow Food Edmonton and supports local businesses and suppliers, including Cally’s Teas. The Persian Flatbread Sandwich with Quinoa Salad was absolutely amazing.

Cally’s Teas (South Edmonton)
Cally’s Teas (8608 99 Street) is a tea-themed gift shop just south of Culina Mill Creek. It is jam-packed with an extensive range of teas (both house blends and well-known international suppliers). There is an eclectic collection of china and small items that defies description. It was great fun to browse while sipping the cup of tea provided when I walked in the door.

     Blue Plate Diner
     Credo Coffee    
     d’Lish Urban Kitchen and Wine Bar
     Wild Tangerine

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