Want a job? What do you have to offer?

When we’re applying for a job, we focus on the potential benefits to ourselves – more money, more interesting position, convenient location.

But that won’t help us land the job. The focus in a resume and cover letter must be on, “What do I have to offer the potential employer?”

Unique Skills
Each of us offers a unique combination of skills and experience. Stand out from the crowd by identifying in your cover letter what you have to offer that nobody else can offer and that makes you a perfect fit for the job. If you are a great cook and you enjoy teaching, you’re the perfect person to teach a cooking class. If you are an accountant who has worked in several different countries, you are well equipped to help international businesses.

Concrete Examples
Resumes and cover letters are a form of show and tell. Don’t just say that you are good at sales, demonstrate it by providing concrete examples of how many sales you made in the last quarter and how much new business you have generated in the last year.

Problem-Solving Skills
Don’t just focus on the final product. Outline the steps you took to resolve a messy problem and to reach a satisfactory solution. By showing the process you followed, you demonstrate your analytical and problem-solving skills.

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