Sunday, March 28, 2010

Health Care Innovation Update

Here are some examples of health care innovation that I have read about in the last few days.

Hello Health helps you find and stay in touch with a doctor in person or by email, instant messaging or video chat. For example, you cut your finger preparing Sunday brunch. You text your doctor and describe the problem. She asks you a few questions to better assess the damage and then tells you to make an appointment. So you take a look at the calendar in her online profile and see there’s an appointment available first thing in the morning. When you get to the office, your doctor has a look at your thumb and decides that you do need a tetanus shot, but not stitches.

Cure Together helps you link up with people with similar problems to compare symptoms and treatments.

Guidesmith is a website that helps you make decisions during a family health crisis.

The Mayo Clinic has established a Centre for Innovation. They observe patient/provider experiences and can quickly adapt ideas as they are part of a clinical establishment.

The O’Reilly Open Source Convention will include a track on health care IT for the first time this year. They’ll be looking at topics such as how doctors can share electronic patient records, voice-to-text translation for doctors recording notes on the fly, and establishing secure, easy-to-use electronic patient records.

My thanks to Bruce Nussbaum for his ongoing coverage of this facet of design thinking.


andrew said...

And from the industry giants there's Google Health and Microsoft Health Vault for managing your own health records.

Stephanie V said...

Good info...thanks Penny - and Andrew.