Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Freelance Work - Chaotic Liberation

I have reached an age where many of my friends are retired or preparing for retirement. Not me! Instead, I am pouring my energy into establishing myself as a freelance consultant.

One of the challenges has been defining my area of expertise and the type of work that I can do. I used to define myself as a Communications Specialist because I’m a really good writer. But I’ve been told that I’m selling myself short with that description as it fails to incorporate my analytical skills, my Master’s degree in Public Affairs, and my research and municipal government experience.

So, I’ve revamped my resume, and my website, and my business card to include Research, Evaluation, and Communication – Observe, Understand, Share.

When I’m tired, it’s chaotic and overwhelming. But it’s also liberating, and I’m excited about exploring future possibilities.

Visit my website – recommend me to your friends – hire me!

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