Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Picture Paints a Thousand Words

Some of my travel photographs are excellent examples of effective advertising.

For example, the store in Nicaragua that has a picture of a machete, accompanied by the words - "cutting prices."

Surely humour is effective when asking dog owners in Prague to clean up after their animals.
And I'm tempted to drink sherry if it means that I too will lead a life of beauty, luxury and leisure.

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John B. said...

Why do you think that an advertisiement is effective because it attracts your attention?

Measuring the effectiveness of advertising is complicated and depends greatly on the product.

For many branded products which are well known to the potential purchaser the advertisement may be a consciously unnoticed reminder of the existence of the brand.

For a restaurant seeking to attract a passing customer the advertisement needs to communicate something about the place as well as drawing attention to it.

The sherry ad communicates as you point out ideas about the product in general but little about a specific brand unless as may well be that picture has been made over time closely identified with a particular brand.