Monday, March 30, 2009

Tiny Houses

In 1945, the average Canadian house size was 800 square feet. In 2006, it was 1800. And yet, household size is decreasing.

Tiny Houses, by Mimi Zeiger, looks at 30 houses, all under 1000 square feet. One renovated house includes two units – a 600 sq. ft. house and a 400 sq. ft. in-law suite. There is a guest-sleeping loft in the space above the kitchen cabinets.

The tiny, three-storey Japanese house in the photo looks a little claustrophobic to me! It’s made of reinforced plastic and perforated steel grating.

Zeiger, editor of Loud Paper Magazine, lives in a studio apartment and says that she uses public spaces when she wants more space: “I go up to the park, the farmers’ market, or the local cafĂ© so not only am I living tiny but I’m living big in the real world.”

A reviewer suggests that the tiny houses could serve as a blueprint for a much-needed architectural trend: modesty.

(via Dwell)

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