Sunday, December 28, 2008

Las vegetales

My sister in law gave me a cookbook for Christmas. A particularly challenging present as it’s called Las Vegetales en la Cocina Cubana – Vegetables in Cuban Cooking – and I don’t know the names of vegetables in Spanish. So I have been looking up words in my dictionary, and I can now tell you:

Esta noche, voy a hacer un estofado de lentejas con col y maiz, un pimiento rojo, las tomates maduras, y algunas zanahorias.
(Tonight, I’m going to make lentil stew with cabbage and corn, a red pepper, ripe tomatoes and some carrots.)

My brother gave me the perfect music to accompany my Spanish lesson: A las cinco en el Astoria by La Oreja de Van Gogh. La Oreja de Van Gogh is a Latin Grammy-winning Spanish pop group. There is so much energy and happiness in their music; I want to dance when I hear their music.

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John B said...

I have just brought myself up to date with several of these blogs. They are perceptiver and instructive. The one on Help Programs really rang a bell with me. I never find they answer my problem.

I bought a phone. The written manual that came with it told me put in the battery. it did not tell me how to open the case. I eventually solved the chinese puzzle. The new case was very firmly clipped together. After that it was plane sailing.

Note 'plane' - navigation over short distances assuming the world is flat.

So I like the Blogger's command of the english language too.