Monday, January 27, 2014

Flavourful Saskatoon, January 27, 2014

German Cakes at the Market 
The Cake Witch has teamed up with Wild Cuisine, one of the Saskatoon Farmer’s Market tenants. We can now purchase fancy German torte every weekend.

Wild Serendipity Soups
I am so happy that Michelle of Wild Serendipity Foods is once again selling her fabulous soups at the Saskatoon Farmers' Market. She's already served up two of my favorites:  Cuban Blackbean and Thai Coconut Carrot (both vegan).

Little Bird Patisserie
Once I’m more mobile, I’m really looking forward to visiting the Little Bird Patisserie & Café on Avenue B, just north of 20th Street. She offers a luscious array of baked goods as well as soups, sandwiches and salads.

Escape Winter – Food Gardening, Feb. 8
Join the Prairie Master Gardeners for a day devoted to food gardening. Workshops include Small Space Gardening, Culinary Herbs, Harvesting & Storing Produce for Winter, and Starting a Horticultural Enterprise.

Shop Local
There is a commonly-held belief that shopping locally costs more than shopping at the supermarket. One British woman has been shopping locally as much as possible for two years and she disagrees. The trick, she says, is to plan more and buy less. And less trips to the supermarket will mean less impulse purchase and better health.

Have you ever eaten teff, an ancient grain from Ethiopia? The tiny grains don’t provide a nice creamy texture, but they are super high in calcium, iron and protein. It is becoming increasingly popular; however, it faces the same challenge as quinoa. How do you promote exports without harming the local market in a country with chronic malnutrition and poverty? This secondary story contains more information and a couple of recipes.

Vegetarian Ventures 
What does a vegetarian serve at an omnivores’ dinner party? Shelley West of Vegetarian Ventures recommends comfort foods and a familiar dessert.

North American Truffles 
“Alexandre Dumas thought that truffles ‘make women more tender and men more lovable’.” Whether or not that is the case, they taste great, and I’m delighted to know that they can now be found in Oregon’s Willamette Valley.

Spanish Wines
Spanish wines aren’t well known in North America, partially because they lack a unified brand.

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