Wednesday, November 13, 2013

A Persian - Swiss Feast

Persian rice and eggplant accompanied by raclette and boiled potatoes? Why not? There is no better way to share our cultures and traditions than through food. It’s an opportunity to celebrate our differences rather than fight over them.

Mahyar Behnami is the owner of the Saskatoon Persian Store. She has transformed an old grocery store just around the corner from the bus barns in Caswell Hill with an intriguing array of Iranian groceries.

She recently completely some renovations and her friend Cathy Engel suggested that they host a dinner to celebrate. I was fortunate enough to be invited.

The Remembrance Day meal was a surprising, but delicious, juxtaposition of Swiss raclette and a savory array of Persian dishes.

Rice is a staple of Iranian cuisine, and it’s so different from Chinese rice. The grains are almost an inch long, and they are dry and fluffy, with a topping of nuts and berries.

Cathy Engel works at the Bulk Cheese Warehouse, so there was a wonderful assortment of cheese. Two of my favorites were the goat cheese raclette and the pungent St. Nectaire. Floury potatoes topped with melted cheese is the perfect winter dish.

A fragrant cardamom pound cake, made by one of the Iranian guests, was the perfect finishing touch to a delightful meal with new-found friends.

Do stop by and visit Mahyar at the Saskatoon Persian Store and Cathy at the Bulk Cheese Warehouse. If you’re really lucky, they’ll invite you to one of their feasts.


Nasrin Naji said...

Thank you Penny for coming to this event and taking these wonderful picture I would also like to thank Mahyar for all of her hard work and for her delicious meal

Good luck and I hope to see you soon

Penny McKinlay said...

Thank you, Nasrin.